Audrey Trepiccione, CPM-Basic Birth Kit

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Audrey Trepiccione, CPM Birthright Services:

20 Disposable underpads, 23x36
1 Plastic Backed Sheet, 40x60
1 King Size Mattress Bag
1 OB pads, sterile 12pk
1 Sterile field
1 Newborn hat, stockinette
2 Flex Straws
1 Paper Tape Measure
1 Povidone Scrub Brush
5 Lubricating Jelly, 5g
1 Povidone Scrub Solution, 4oz.
1 Plastic umbilical clamp
1 Bulb Syringe, 3oz.
10 Sterile gauze pads, 4x4 2pk
5 Gloves, sterile latex singles, med.
5 Aloetouch sterile nitrile pairs, med.
1 Peri bottle
1 Mesh Briefs
1 Neet Feet Footprinter
1 Born at Home Birth Certificate
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