BIRTH WELLNESS; Shalmai Hollingshead, CPM-TN

BIRTH WELLNESS; Shalmai Hollingshead, CPM-TN

30Disposable underpads, 30x30 deluxe
2 Mesh pants
2 Peri Bottles
6 Peach Contour Pads
1 Infant Heel Warmer
2 Flex Straws
8 Alcohol prep pads
1  Bulb syringe, 2oz.
6 Lubricating jelly, 2.7g
1 Hibiclens scrub brush
1 Hibiclens (chg)4oz. solution
1 Umbi Cord Ring
2 Plastic umbilical clamp, sterile
1 Gauze Tray, Sterile
1 Amniotest
3 Depends style underwear
1 Aloetouch Glove, sterile, nitrile pair, medium
4 Gloves, sterile blue nitrile singles, med.
50Gloves, non-strl. blue nitrile med.
4 Gallon Size freezer bags
1 Neet Feet Print Footprinter

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Peri Massage Oil (11.95)
Eldon Card (10.95)
Herbal Cord Care (4.95)
Oral Bio K Mulsion Drops (36.95)
Wishgarden Afterease 1oz. (11.95)
Peri-Ease Organic Sitz Herbs (12.95)
Garden Dreams Arnica oil, .5 oz (3.95)
1 Instant Peri Cold Compress (3.50)
Birth Pool & Kit (Intex kiddie pool, thermometer, hose, hose-adapter, 2 shoulder gloves) 100
Plastic Sitz Bath (9)
Wish Garden Baby Blues Remedy 1oz (11.95)
Wish Garden New Mothers Nipple & Tear Repair Salve, 1oz (7.95)

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