Baby Bliss - Linda Harrison

1  Reusable quilted pad, 30x36
10Disposable underpads, 23x24 economy
5  Disposable undpads, 23x36 med.
1  Sterile Field
1  OB sanitary pads, 12pk non-strl.
1  Mesh Brief
1  Peri Bottle
2  Flex Straws
1  Herbal Cord Care
1  Bulb syringe, 3oz.
5  Lubricating jelly, 5gm
1  PVI Scrub solution, 4oz.
1  PVI scrub brush
1  Cetro Cord Band
2  Sterilization pouches, small
12Gauze, strl. 2pk 4x4
1  Lanolin, .25oz.
1  Arnica oil, .5 oz.
1  Born at Home Birth Certificate
1  Neet Feet Footprinter
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