Birthwise Midwifery School New Student Package

Birthwise Midwifery School New Student Package

To Ensure On time free Delivery at School Community students should order by July 31 and Campus students should order by August 15

1- Pro's Combo Aneroid BP Cuff/Sprague-Rap Stethescope - comes with Medium grade Aneroid and Medium Grade Sprague stethoscope or upgrade to Littmann below - upgrade only available in purple or black
2- Miltex(Medium Grade) Pederson or Graves Speculum (choose Graves if you have had a vaginal delivery) also mid-grade, can upgrade to Miltex Premium below
1- Box of non-sterile vinyl exam gloves
1- Retractable Tape Measure
1- Pregnancy Calculator- contains a round plastic one, not with child cardboard one
1- Economy Fetascope
1- Miltex Emesis Basin, 20oz

1 Reusable underpad, 30x36

Price: $177.85
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Part Number:BMSNSP

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Pro's Combo Aneroid BP Cuff/Sprague Rap Steth - comes with medium grade BP and stethoscope- this is a mid grade quality and can be upgraded upon order
2 Miltex Mid-Grade Pederson or Graves Speculum (choose Graves if you have had a vaginal delivery) - Mid-grade quality. and can be upgraded to Miltex Premium Grade
Box of non-sterile vinyl gloves
Retractable Tape Measure
Pregnancy Calculator- will be the round plastic ones
Economy Fetascope 
Miltex Emesis Basin, 20oz.
1 Reusable Underpad, 30x36

If you want shipping to an alternate address other than school- be sure to check the shipping fee. Students should order at least 2 weeks prior to arriving on campus to onto ensure on time delivery.

 Iron Duck Prenatal Bag Value of $198               Iron Duck Prenatal Bag Value of $52

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