Childbirth Options, LLC- Sizzly Acevedo Birth Kit

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Childbirth Options, LLC- Sizzly Acevedo
5 Disposable underpads, 30x30
5 Disposable underpads, 23x36
1 OB pads, 12pk, non-strl
1 DeLee 8fr
1 Peri Bottle
1 Instant cold peri compress
1 Reusable hot/cold compress
1 OB pads, 12pk, strl
1 Sterile Field
1 Syringe, 1cc 27g x 1/2 needle
1 Arnica oil
1 Quick heel infant lancet
1 Newborn hat, stockinette
1 Paper tape measure
1 Adtemp I Digital Thermometer
2 Alcohol Prep pads
1 Lubricating jelly, 4oz.
10Lubricating jelly, 5oz.
1 Povidone Scrub Brush
1 Povidone Scrub Solution
1 Hydrogen peroxide, pint
1 Plastic umbilical clamp
20Gauze pads, strl. 4x4 2pk
5 Gloves, sterile vinyl singles, lg.
5 Gloves, sterile vinyl pairs. lg.
2 Gloves, sterile latex singles, lg.
2 Gloves, sterile latex surgical pairs, 7.5
10Gloves, latex exam, large, non-sterile
2 Gallon size freezer bags
1 Peri-Ease Organic sitz herbs
1 Herbal cord Care, organic
1 Born at Home Birth Certificate
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