Hylands Advanced Midwifery Kit

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Designed for the advanced midwifery practice.  Remedies in 2dram bottles.

Designed by British nurse-midwife, M.J. Hanafin, RN, CNM, NP, CHom, DHom. Her 36 year practice, hospital and home births, in England and the U.S., has now settled in Marin, California. She has taught and written extensively - working with the National Center for Homeopathy, the Royal Homeopathic Hospital, and New England Medical Center.

Homeopathic Ingredients: Aconite 10M, Apis 200C, Arnica 30C, Arnica 10M, Calendula 200C, Cantharis, 200C, Caulophyllum 30C, Caulophyllum 10M, Causticum 30C, Cimicifuga 30C, Cimicifuga 10M, Cinnamonum 200C, Cocculus 30C, Crotalus hor 10M, Ignatia 200C, Ipecac 200C, Jaborandi 30C, Lycopodium 30C, Magnesia phos 30C, Natrum mur 200C, Phytolacca 200C, Pulsatilla 10M, Pyrogenium 200C, Sabina 200C, Urtica Urens 30C, Ustilago maydis 200C, Xanthoxylum 30C

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