Mandala Midwifery - CaraLin Dees & Janine Stiles

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Mandala Midwifery - CaraLin Dees & Janine Stiles

20Disposable chux pads, 23x36 med

2  QuikHeel lancets

3  Lubricating jelly, 5g

1  CHG scrub brush (hibiclens)

1  Hydrogen peroxide, pint

1  AGA cord ring

24Gauze, strl. 4x4 2pk

16Gloves, non-strl. purple nitrile exam, med

3  Depends style pullups

1  Peri Bottle

4  Gloves, strl. vinyl singles, med.

4  Gloves, strl. vinyl pair, med.

2  Gloves, surg. pair, non-latex, size 7

1  Hylands Homeopathic Arnica

1  Neet Feet Footprinter

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