Mastitis Compress- 3oz. Jar

Mastitis Compress- 3oz. Jar

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Mastitis Compress


Product Description

Ingredients: Myrrh gum, Elderflowers, Yarrow flowers, Calendula flowers, Echinacea root, Marshmallow root, Melilot herb (Sweet Clover), Parsley leaf & Sea salt.


Product Instructions

Directions: Use as needed, although a minimum of 3-4 times a day is recommended for breast infections. Place a handful of herbs into a clean cotton cloth, tie closed loosely & steep in simmering water for 10-15 minutes. Apply the hot, wet compress to the breast to help with pain, blocked milk ducts & infection. The compress may be dipped back into the infusion periodically to keep it hot & potent. The leftover infused water may also be used by dipping in a cloth & used in a similar manner, called a fomentation.


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