Melissa Deas-Birthrites Midwifery Care

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Melissa Deas-Birthrites Midwifery Care

10Underpads, 23x36
15Underpads, 23x24
2  Plastic Backed sheets, 40x60
1  OB pads, non-strl. 12pk
1  Mesh Pants
1  Peri Bottle
2  Newborn hats, stockinette
2  Flex straws
12Alcohol prep pads
1  Lubricating jelly, 4oz.
1  Povidone Scrub Solution, 4oz.
2  Bulb syringe, 3oz.
2  Cord clamps
12Gauze, 4x4strl, 2pks
1  Scissors, vantage OR, 4.5 B/S

1  Cord Care

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