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Moby Wraps Designs

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Almond Blossom        Coral            Sand                Turquoise 


            Wisteria                 White

The Rayosanâ„¢ Process

The patented Rayosanâ„¢ technology by Clariant increases the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of fabric without changing the fabric's appearance, handle or breathability. We are excited to incorporate this technology into our Moby Wrap fabric. This specially treated fabric will offer an additional layer of sun protection for baby's sensitive skin, especially before the age recommended for sunscreen use.
Here's how it works:

Think of the Rayosanâ„¢ process as an invisible dye coating the fabric. It acts like a mirror, deflecting harmful UVA and UVB rays off the fabric. This invisible dye prevents the harmful rays from penetrating the fabric and harming baby’s delicate skin.

Although it is a chemical process, it was tested and passed the Oeko-Tex 100 certification process. This certification ensures us that the Rayosan process does not contain harmful substances. We share the Oeko-Tex commitment to your personal safety and supporting environmentally sound processes. You can be  assured that the UV Protected Moby Wrap will not harm you or your child

The dye is considered to be durable for the life of the garment. It is long-lasting, but will start to gradually wash out after approximately 30 washes. The Rayosan™ coated fabric’s SPF value ranges from 44 - 48.

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