Nightingale Natural Birth - Firen Jones LM, CPM

Nightingale Natural Birth - Firen Jones LM, CPM

10Disposable underpads, 30x30 dlx
10Disposable underpads, 30x36 super dlx
1  OB sanitary pads, 12pk non-strl
2  Depends style pullups
1  Peri Bottle
2  Newborn hats, stockinette
1  Paper Tape Measure
2  Flex straws
2  Alcohol prep pads
2  Tenderfeet lancets
2  Cotton Balls, strl pack xlg
1  Gauze tray
5  Gauze, strl. 4x4
1  Bulb syringe, 2oz.
4  Lubricating jelly, 3g
1  PVI Scrub solution
1  CHG scrub brush
1  Plastic Cord Clamp
2  Sterilization Pouches, sm
20Gloves, purple nitrile med. non-strl.
4  Gloves, sterile vinyl sing. med.
3  Gallon Size Freezer Bags
1  Welcome Birth Certificate

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