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10Disposable underpads, 23x36med.
15Disposable underpads, 23x24 econ.
2  Quilted Reusable underpads, 30x36
1  OB sanitary pads, 12pk non-strl.
2  Instant Cold Peri Compresses
3  Mesh Briefs
2  Peri Bottles
2  Sterile Fields
2  Flex Straws
5  Alcohol prep pads
1  Adtemp II digital thermometer
1  Tenderfoot lancet
1  Herbal cord care
10Gauze, strl. 4x4 2pk
1  Gauze tray, strl. 10pk
1  Bulb Syringe, 2oz.
4  Lubricating Jelly, 3gm
1  Chg solution, 4oz.
1  Umbi-Ring
1  Delee Mucus trap, 10fr
12Gloves, non-strl. vinyl med
10Gloves, strl. surg. pair, NON-latex size 7
1  Neet Feet Footprinter
1  Peri Ease Organic Sitz Herb Mix
1  Homeopathic Arnica
2  Arnica oil, .5oz.
1  Syringe w/ needle, 27g x.5

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