We're Having a Homebirth!- Children's Book

We're Having a Homebirth!- Children's Book

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I wish i had this book for my kiddos sooner!  But they are loving looking at it now, and seeing how they were born.

The perfect addition to every birth kit or baby shower.

'We're Having a Homebirth' is a paperback book printed in brilliant full colour on glossy paper.

It has a finished size of 6in x 6in and is saddle-stitched (also called staple-stitched).

Children will love this colorful, contemporary book about

their family's special upcoming homebirth event. A great

tool for discussion about what to expect when the baby

arrives, this affordable book covers important issues such

as the role of a midwife, being good labor support, noises

to expect mom to make, cord cutting, placenta delivery and

breastfeeding. Combined with healthy conversation about

pregnancy and homebirth, this book will help teach children

that birth is a natural occurence, not a medical emergency.

A must have for midwives lending libraries and/or offices.

Makes a great gift for baby shower or blessingway,

or from midwife/doula to new client.


About the author:Kelly Mochel is a happy stay-at-home mom of 2yr old Lucia and

baby Kora, born at home on Dec 26 '09. Married to a Kiwi guy,

they split time between the high country of Colorado and the beautiful

South Island of New Zealand. She enjoys playing with her girls, hiking,

camping, running, snowboarding, snowshoeing, traveling, graphic design,

cooking, building, and of course talking about and advocating for healthy,

pleasurable, empowering birth experiences for women and their families.

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