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Circle of Life Birth Kit- Jennifer Douglas CPM-VTLM

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Price: $64.95
Part Number: CofLJRBK
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10 Disposable underpads, 23x24
6  Disposable underpads, 23x36
1  Plastic Backed Sheet, 40x60
6  Peach Contour Pads
1  Instant Peri Cold Pad
1  Peri Bottle
2  Mesh Briefs
1  Tenderfoot lancet
1  Heel Warmer
2  Flex Straws
6  Alcohol Prep Pads
6  Lubricating jelly, 3g foils
1  Povidone Scrub Brush
4  Sterile gauze pads, 4x4
1  Plastic Cord Clamp
30Gloves, non-strl vinyl med
3  Gloves, sterile vinyl singles, med.
3  Gloves, sterile vinyl pairs, med.
1  Gloves, sterile vinyl pairs, small
1  1cc syringe w/27gx1/2 needle
1  3cc syringe w/needle
1  AdTemp I
2  Super Sani Cloths
1  Large Sterilization Pouch
1  Neet Feet Footprinter
4  Shoulder Length Gloves

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