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Garden Dreams Beautiful Skin Face Cream, 2oz

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Part Number: GDS2400
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From it's creator: This lotion is a labor of love. First I infuse calendula petals in sweet almond oil for 6 weeks in the sunlight.  After straining the oil, which has turned to a beautiful golden orange from the properties of the calendula, I add beeswax, shea butter, evening primrose, vitamin E, Bergamot essential oil and a few secrets. 

This cream does amazing things to your face when place thick overnight. In the morning you will find your face hydrated and ultra smooth. Right after the morning shower, I pat my face dry, apply a tiny bit on my fingertips and gently massage the lotion into my face not forgetting above the lip and around the neck. You will love the fresh scent from this power packed delicate cream.

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