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Garden Dreams Healing Nerve Oil, 2oz.

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Nerve Tonic~ Your body will relax and thank you!!!

This nerve healing oil is wonderful for tired shoulders from driving or repetitive motion, restless legs, and other areas that need to relax.


Ingredients: Menthol crystals (helps relieve muscular aches and pains, coughing, congestion, the flu, and upper respiratory problems), Lavender Essential oil (assist with aggression, anxiety, balancing, calming, concentration, cooling, exhaustion, fatigue, hysteria, nervous tension, relaxing, soothing, stress), Lanolin, beeswax and vitamin E.


After I injured my finger which required stitches, part of my finger lost feeling. I used this oil to massage my finger to increase circulation and work on the scar tissue. I found that my nerve endings were stimulated to heal.- Jen Kovach, herbalist and Garden Dreams owner

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