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Newborn Heel Lancet

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Lancet McKesson Prevent® Gentle Incision Device Blade 1.0 mm Depth 2.5 mm Blade Push Button Activated
  • McKesson Prevent® Newborn Heel Incision Device
  • Specifically engineered for newborns, the stainless steel blade makes small, precise incisions in a gental, sweeping arc instead of puncture for reduced bruising
  • Features contoured-finger design and a single direction of safety tab and trigger function for a steady and stable grip in a convenient, single-handed operation
  • Features tapered contact surface for better visibility of site location
  • Extra thin steel blade to achieve the finest, cleanest surgical incision
  • Consistent depth (1.0 mm) and length (2.5 mm) of incision provides excellent blood flow and precise incision for adequate sampling, reducing need of re-sticking
  • Permanently retractable blade with integrated safety tab is fully shielded before and after use to minimize possible injury or reuse
  • Yields optimal results when used with the McKesson Infant Heel Warmer (MFR# 59-45HW) to increase blood flow to the heel
  • Disposable, single time use device
  • Sterile
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex.

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